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Could you be with someone if you KNEW that they loved somone else more?

In reality, there is no way to measure the depth of someone's love.

There is no gauge or measuring stick that you can pick up from the local hardware store.

There is no scale that you can stand on, no way to crack open your heart and pour all of your love for someone into a measuring cup.

You can love someone more than another. You can love someone differently than another, in different ways and at different points in your life, but you can love one person MORE.

Since there is no true way to MEASURE the depth or strength of someone's love, we as people often console ourselves with the knowledge that all love is different.

But what if there WAS a way?

What if it could be measured? Angel's curse gives us the unique opportunity to debate this.

Angel's curse only breaks during TRUE complete happiness. If Angel did fall in love with someone else (as much as he loved Buffy), then he would have true hapiness at one point or another and his curse would break.

So it stands to reason, that if he was with someone and NEVER lost his soul, that he didn't love them AS MUCH as Buffy. That he never allowed himself to truely, completely love them, that he held part of himself back.

As far as we know Angel has had no training to control or suppress his emotions. There was the one episode after Buffy died and he spent the summer in the monistary. However, it WAS run by evil demons so how much enlightenment could he get from THAT source.

Even if he did learn SOMETHING there; no one, not Buddhist monks, not Jedi knights, not Vulcans can completely control their emotions. No one can.

So logically, neither can Angel. If he truely loved someone as much as Buffy, then eventually the curse would break.

Normally, we'd have no such way to measure how much someone loves us. So we rationalize what we can and forget what we can't rationalize, to quote BtVS.

Let's say that you're in a relationship with someone who has a curse like Angel. You know that he loved this other girl so much that it broke his curse. You know that only true and complete happiness will cause his curse to break, but he has been with you for YEARS and has never lost his soul.


What would you do if you had such physical proof of someone's degree of love for you and to know that they really, truely did love someone else MORE. Could you, would you stay with them?

Could you be with someone if you KNEW that the only reason they were in a relationship with you is that it was simply not possible for them to be with someone else?

That you were someone's second choice.

I'm interested in others' thoughts. Comments?
TWILIGHT came out and seemed like virtually EVERY female fan just HAD to have Bella's blue dress.

And many of them were so excited and proud that they posted on their LJ pages or on facebook or wherever... and many of them posted pictures.

And what is just so sad is that that same dress, which looked so amazing on Kristen, looked TERRIBLE on them! And they didn't see it.

Someone picked out that exact dress because of how it looked on HER!!!

Everyone is built different. Everyone looks different. Some people are pear-shaped, some are rectangles, some are hourglasses and some are circles.

And then people have different skin colors and hair colors and eye colors.

I had a very good friend in college who was from India. She had the loveliest color of mocha skin and could wear tangerine and fushia and lime green and she would look AMAZING. Put those same colors on me and I looked like a ghoul. My wrap dress which flattered my long legs and small waist, pulled snug across her middle and made her full stomach look even bigger.


It makes me smack my forehead and shake my head in disgust when I see people doing that. Instead of taking inspiration and trying to emulate someone that they admire, they try to copy them exactly. They slap on something that they see in a picture or on a movie and walk down the street thinking "Damn, I look good." And they are so thrilled to have Rachel's haircut or Bella's dress that they don't realize that Rachel's haircut makes their face look fat or that Bella's flowy dress with an empire waist made their straight up-and-down figure look boyish.

Try to wear someone else's clothing orgetting their haircut can be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Just my two cents.

You're the one that I want

So I was on my way home Saturday and what should come on over the radio but "you're that one that I want" from GREASE. It got stuck in my head and I had to dig up the soundtrack. I listened to it all the way to gym and back.

The lyrics got stuck in my head and I know that this sound kinda cheesy, but they really made me think of Edward and Bella.

"I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control."

"You better shape up, cause I need a man, and my heart is set on you."

"Nothing left, nothing left for me to do. You're the one that I want."

"You better prove, that my faith is justified." "Are you sure? Yes I'm sure down deep inside"

The more I thought about it, the more similarities I saw between GREASE and TWILIGHT.

Think about it.

Sandy and Danny meet, have a whirlwind courtship and quickly fall deeply in love.

Circumstances pull them apart, but they are reunited.

Shortly after, Danny acts like a jerk to deliberately drive Sandy away from him.

Heartbroken, Sandy starts spending all her time with another boy at school, an ordinary boy.....but she doesn't love him.

Throughout the story various other greasers (some downright mean and nasty) try to drive Sandy and Danny apart.

Danny tries to become ordinary (a jock) for her. He letters in track, but he doesn't really fit in. He is greaser, not a jock.

During the race/battle between the two greaser gangs, Sandy fears Danny might get seriously hurt and she could lose him. She realizes that she wants to be with Danny more than anything.

She decides that if he can't be a jock for her, then she'll become a greaser for him. The story ends with two them AS GREASERS happily driving off together.

Anyone else see parallels? Even in the TWILIGHT movie guide, they said that "if this movie was made 30 years ago, Edward wouldn't be a vampire but a biker, that Bella would be falling in love with a biker from the wrong side of the tracks."

why you shouldn't trip while naked

So, last night I was getting ready for bed.

I had stripped on top and was sliding off my jeans and my foot caught in my pant leg.

I stumbled.

And instead of falling backward, (which would have landed me on a nice soft bed) I pitched forwards...towards the solid...wood...desk.

I put out my hands to grab the desk to steady myself, but before I could, my face slammed into the desk chair.

Then I fell back onto the floor.

After I stopped seeing stars and hearing little chirping birdies, I of course, grabbed my nose in pain.

When I drew my hand back, it was covered in blood.

Great! I laying in a heap on the floor, in nothing but socks and underwear, and now I'm bleeding. Just great.

And wouldn't you know it, my robe in downstairs in the wash! I'm dripping blood all over the floor, but before I can get a towel or ice, I need to cover up because I'm practically naked!

I threw on my fleece jacket (laying on top of the EVIL chair) and stumbled to the bathroom, dripping all the way.

The gash on my nose was like old bloody faithful and it took forever to stop.

My nose appeared bloody but straight, so I went to bed. I slept with an icepack on my face. (very uncomfortable for the record)

I went on to work, but called the doctor's office as soon as they opened and they SQUEEZED me in.

Turns out... I BROKE MY F!@#$%&G NOSE! Just the tip, thank god! If I had broke it further up or split it, they would have had to put of those cast thingies on my nose.

For the time being, my new best friends are ice and acetominophen.

AGES: given the rating, both Peter and Wendy must be at least 16 (how and why Peter is now 16 is up to you)

I had a thought that I wanted to throw out. Hopefully, it will tickle someone's muses.

Have you ever seen the Aussie show H2O: JUST ADD WATER? It is a wonderful show!

When three urban girls find themselves stranded at sea one day, floating towards the mysterious Mako Island, the three girls explore the eerie jungle covered island before becoming trapped in an ancient cavern under a volcano. Discovering an underwater channel, they decide to swim to safety. As they enter the pool, the light from a full moon illuminates the water, creating a mysterious glow. They get off the island as fast as they can and back to 'normal' life.

One by one, however, the girls discover life is never going to be normal again...

If water touches them, they have seconds to dry off before long, elegant tails appear! They're mermaids! But the surprises aren't over. As the girls experiment, they find they've got extraordinary, magical powers over water. Emma can freeze water, Rikki can boil water and Cleo can manipulate the amount and shape of water.

Everyday situations have now turned tricky as the girls struggle to cope with their new-found powers, which have numerous advantages and disadvantages, while also trying to keep them a secret from everyone else. The morning shower, swimming, rainstorms, all create profound problems.

They are later found to be mermaids by their friend Lewis who is a scientist. He tries to find out the how and why the girls became mermaid and even tries to find a way to help them have more normal lives (failing miserably I might add).

One very interesting thing is the effects the full moon has on the three mermaids. They must stay away from the full moon and to avoid water at all costs on that night. However, the girls never seem to be able to stay away and even more complications occur. Emma becomes wild and uninhibited with is completely unlike herself, Cleo obtains a magical singing voice becoming a siren, and Rikki loses all control of her dangerous powers.

However, together with their loyal friend Lewis, the girls resolve to resume their normal teenage lives. But it's hard to be normal when you're a part time mermaid!

HERE'S MY CHALLENGE: What if somehow something similiar happened to Wendy in the real world? Again the how is up to you (she goes on vacation with her family to some island or they take a trip to some beach in England and she stumbles into it. Whatever tickles your fancy)

How could she possibly cope?! A mermaid in London in 1904? I looked it up on the net. England gets on average 926.9mm of rain a year. She could never go outside! How does a lady in 1904 London hide from water from everyone, including any potential husband! Impossible. Forget marrying well. Wendy's normal life would be over forever. Her only choice would be to go to Neverland. Somehow she calls for Peter or he comes for her......

How would Peter react to Wendy being a mermaid?! (all mermaids are suppossed to be dark and dangerous creatures)On one hand, he has Wendy back...forever. And now is as magical as he is and she can't ever leave Neverland.

On the other hand, she's a mermaid. Even if the H2O mermaids are prettier and look more like Ariel....she's still a mermaid. Will he trust Wendy right away not to sweetly drown him?

And poor Wendy is reeling from her entire life being turned upside down and having NO choice but to return to Neverland forever. Can Peter help Wendy deal with being trapped in Neverland?

What do you think?


BtVS/Star Wars challenge

What if Qui-Gon didn’t die in TPM? What if Qui-Gon did train Anakin instead of Obi-wan? However, Anakin still secretly married Pad-me and turned to the dark side.

(Even knowing that ALL the Jedi are being killed, seeing the children get cut down makes me cringe. Their deaths sting more, BECAUSE they’re children. I know that virtually ALL the Jedi are killed in the Purge, but I can’t help but wish that somehow someone had got the children out.)

What if after killing General Grievous in ROTS, Obi-wan had returned from Utapao and was on Coruscant during the attack on the temple?

Numerous Jedi across the galaxy are seen being exterminated, Yoda could feel their deaths. In ANH Obi-wan could feel the deaths on Alderaan, so he could probably feel the deaths of the other Jedi too.

What if instead of fighting Anakin on the planet Mustafar, Obi-wan was in Jedi temple. He came to the council chamber just in time to stop Anakin from killing all those poor defenseless younglings hiding in the chamber?

What if Obi-wan rescued the children from Anakin somehow and escaped with them on a transport?

Qui-Gon, Yoda, and Obi-wan all still go in exile/hiding. Yoda sends Qui-Gon to Tatooine and orders Obi-wan to take the surviving younglings to the furthest reaches of the galaxy to keep them safe.

He winds up on Earth and meets Buffy. She has left the Scoobies after the final battle. Her spirit is so battered after all those years on the Hellmouth and being betrayed by her friends…she is heartbroken. Despite his Jedi detachment and strength of will, the loss of the Jedi weighs heavily on Kenobi. He is tired and heartbroken as well.

Buffy is desperate need of purpose and peace and Obi-wan is in desperate need of some help with all those Jedi younglings. (in the scene in ROTS, the children looked human or at least humanoid. So raising them on Earth shouldn’t be a problem.)

Obi-wan’s kind, soft-spoken demeanor could help Buffy find some of the peace and serenity that she needs, but has never had. Buffy could teach Obi-wan something that the Jedi needed to learn, not all attachments are bad. During the time they spend together, they fall in love. They help each other regain what they’ve lost, what’s been taken from them.

Siri Tachi is a female human Jedi master. She served in the Clone wars and helped to overthrow a notorious slave-trader. She was one of Obi-Wan Kenobi's closest friends, and at one point they were romantically involved. Though two years younger than Obi-Wan, Siri was just as powerful in her skills with lightsaber and the Force and considered very attractive by her male peers.

She sounds like Buffy.

The first time Siri spoke to Obi-Wan, she was angry with him and called him an embarrassment to all potential Padawans.

She really sounds like Buffy.

Adi Gallia (Siri's Master) and Siri accompanied Obi-Wan and his master Qui-Gon Jinn on several missions to planets such as Kegan. Before the Kegan mission, Siri was a headstrong and impatient Padawan, but learning from Obi-Wan's example, she became more patient and determined.

That sounds like Buffy and Ben.

It wasn't until a few years into their friendship that Siri and Obi-Wan realized their true feelings for each other. Along with their masters, the two were again sent on a mission together. After crashing on the planet Quadrant Seven, the masters sent the Padawans to hide in the nearby caves in order to protect Talesan. During the time they spent in the caves, Siri and Obi-Wan's bickering briefly allowed them to express their feelings for each other.It was during this time of potential death that Siri and Obi-Wan truly recognized their feelings and after finding a way to land the ship safely, they confirmed that they were in love.

That really sounds like Buffy and Ben.

And she looks like her too. http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/8/87/Siri_portrait.JPG


Why Buffy and Obi-wan work

1 – Both Buffy and Obi-wan are warriors, slayers and knights. They are charged with the duty of protecting the innocent and fighting evil. It is Jedi’s duty to destroy the Sith, to guard and protect the republic. It is duty of the slayer to protect humanity from supernatural evil.

Destiny and Duty - that applies to both of them....

2- An individual who was like a sibling to them has betrayed both. Anakin betrayed Obi-Wan and they were Jedi brothers. Faith and Buffy were Slayer Sisters. Both Anakin and Faith betrayed their code, turned evil, and sided with an evil mastermind bent on destruction and mass genocide.

3- Buffy and Obi-wan have both had to fight their evil psuedo-sibling to the death, but they couldn't kill them. In the end, they only mortally wounded their psuedo-siblings and left them for dead.

Buffy fought and stabbed Faith, who fell off the penthouse balcony onto a truck. Buffy had the opening to kill Faith, but she doesn’t take it. The fall should have killed Faith. Comatose for months, Faith was barely alive and only survived due to doctors and machines.

In the epic battle on the volcanic planet Mustafar, Obi-Wan severed Vader's legs and remaining arm in mid-air, and left him to die on the volcanic slopes, taking Anakin's lightsaber with him. Vader is rescued by Palpatine and only survived by being placed in the black body armor.

4- For both Buffy and Obiwan, their birth fathers are absent from their lives, allowing them to develop more paternal relationships with their teachers -- Obiwan and Qui-Gon, Buffy and Giles. The Watcher/Slayer relationship is very similar to the Master/Padawan Jedi one. The Watcher trains the Slayer and is the Slayer’s main source of guidance, like a Master to a Padawan.

Padawan’s are the children that Jedi aren’t allowed to have. They share a bond not only as student and teacher, but child and parent. It was the same for Buffy and Giles. Giles wasn’t just her teacher and watcher; he was a father to her. Buffy has stated that Giles is more of a father to her than her biological father.

5– Both Buffy and Obiwan know what it feels like to be cast aside by their parent figure.

Buffy’s mom disowned her when she found out she was the slayer. Giles has both betrayed her, twice, and cast her aside. He first betrayed her to the council during the Crucimentium and then he betrayed her again in season 7 when he helped kick her out of her own house. Giles cast her aside when he just packed up and abandoned her after she was resurrected.

When the Jedi council refused to train Anakin as a Jedi, Qui-Gon just brushed Obiwan aside in favor of Anakin. Qui-Gon was the only father Obi-wan had ever known and he rejected him right in front of the Council.

6- Both Buffy and Obi-wan are aged beyond their years. Obi-wan was raised to be a Jedi, trained from birth to have the most serious of minds. As the slayer, Buffy had the responsibility of the entire world on her shoulders. She was forced to handle things that most adults couldn’t handle.

"Obi-Wan has forgotten ever being a child." ― Mission to Zonama Sekot

7- Buffy and Obi-wan are so much alike, both strong and determined. In contrast to Obi-Wan’s calm and patient personality, Buffy is restless and impatient. Obi-wan was trained to have the most serious mind. He is not easily ruffled. Buffy would shake him up, break though that Jedi wall. Ben on the other hand, would have a calming influence on Buffy.

8-Buffy and Obi-wan are about the same age, unlike many Buffy pairings. In episode One, Obi-wan was 25 standard years. Buffy was born in 1981, making her 22 in the season finale in 2003.

9- Both Buffy and Obiwan have had to find their parental figure dead or dying. Buffy came home and found her mom’s dead body lying on the living room rug. After being separated from the duel via laser walls, Obi-Wan has to watch as Darth Maul impales his master. Not many people know what it feels like to see their parent murdered or to find their dead body.

10- Buffy and Obiwan actually have very similar powers and abilities. These powers give them capabilities far beyond that of a normal human. These powers are used to fight evil that a normal human would be incapable of surviving. Buffy, like all Slayers, possesses above-average physical strength, coordination, and recuperative powers, and also a slight clairvoyance. Due to his ability to use the Force, Ben also possesses well-above average physical and mental strength, coordination, recuperative powers, and a degree of clairvoyance.

11- Both Buffy and Obiwan report to a Council, the Jedi Council in Star Wars and the Council of Watchers on Buffy. Councils that are immersed in centuries of tradition and share similar strict codes. Both the Jedi and Slayers are forbidden the development of relationships inside their order and out. Both councils consider deep emotions harmful and raise their members to be free of emotion and attachment, to live a life of pure duty, and to follow the rules and orders of the council to the letter.

The Watchers Council identifies most Potential Slayers at an early age, like most Jedi. The council takes them at a young age to begin training in a totally isolated environment. For a thousand years, the Jedi were all trained in the same manner. Potential Jedi are taken from their birth family and raised by other Jedi to be schooled in the ways of the Force.

Buffy and Obiwan have more in common than one might think.

Props to WinterD and Ladt Aeryn for inspiring this list