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AGES: given the rating, both Peter and Wendy must be at least 16 (how and why Peter is now 16 is up to you)

I had a thought that I wanted to throw out. Hopefully, it will tickle someone's muses.

Have you ever seen the Aussie show H2O: JUST ADD WATER? It is a wonderful show!

When three urban girls find themselves stranded at sea one day, floating towards the mysterious Mako Island, the three girls explore the eerie jungle covered island before becoming trapped in an ancient cavern under a volcano. Discovering an underwater channel, they decide to swim to safety. As they enter the pool, the light from a full moon illuminates the water, creating a mysterious glow. They get off the island as fast as they can and back to 'normal' life.

One by one, however, the girls discover life is never going to be normal again...

If water touches them, they have seconds to dry off before long, elegant tails appear! They're mermaids! But the surprises aren't over. As the girls experiment, they find they've got extraordinary, magical powers over water. Emma can freeze water, Rikki can boil water and Cleo can manipulate the amount and shape of water.

Everyday situations have now turned tricky as the girls struggle to cope with their new-found powers, which have numerous advantages and disadvantages, while also trying to keep them a secret from everyone else. The morning shower, swimming, rainstorms, all create profound problems.

They are later found to be mermaids by their friend Lewis who is a scientist. He tries to find out the how and why the girls became mermaid and even tries to find a way to help them have more normal lives (failing miserably I might add).

One very interesting thing is the effects the full moon has on the three mermaids. They must stay away from the full moon and to avoid water at all costs on that night. However, the girls never seem to be able to stay away and even more complications occur. Emma becomes wild and uninhibited with is completely unlike herself, Cleo obtains a magical singing voice becoming a siren, and Rikki loses all control of her dangerous powers.

However, together with their loyal friend Lewis, the girls resolve to resume their normal teenage lives. But it's hard to be normal when you're a part time mermaid!

HERE'S MY CHALLENGE: What if somehow something similiar happened to Wendy in the real world? Again the how is up to you (she goes on vacation with her family to some island or they take a trip to some beach in England and she stumbles into it. Whatever tickles your fancy)

How could she possibly cope?! A mermaid in London in 1904? I looked it up on the net. England gets on average 926.9mm of rain a year. She could never go outside! How does a lady in 1904 London hide from water from everyone, including any potential husband! Impossible. Forget marrying well. Wendy's normal life would be over forever. Her only choice would be to go to Neverland. Somehow she calls for Peter or he comes for her......

How would Peter react to Wendy being a mermaid?! (all mermaids are suppossed to be dark and dangerous creatures)On one hand, he has Wendy back...forever. And now is as magical as he is and she can't ever leave Neverland.

On the other hand, she's a mermaid. Even if the H2O mermaids are prettier and look more like Ariel....she's still a mermaid. Will he trust Wendy right away not to sweetly drown him?

And poor Wendy is reeling from her entire life being turned upside down and having NO choice but to return to Neverland forever. Can Peter help Wendy deal with being trapped in Neverland?

What do you think?

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